True Levy Online (TLO)

TLO provides taxpayers a convenient and easy-to-use Web portal with instant access to current and previous years' property tax information and payment options.

Step 1

In order for you to make a payment you will first need to find your bills. To do this, click on Search for a Bill located on the left side of their screen.

Step 2

Once the 'Search for a Bill' screen appears, you can enter your tax bill number in order to find the correct bill. If you do not know your bill number, you can enter other identifying information.

Step 3

Once you enter a bill number, then a list of possible bills appears on the screen. You can then locate the correct bill and click on the magnifying glass next to that bill to see details.

After clicking on the magnifying glass, you will see a copy of the bill you have chosen. This screen will allow you to view a printable version of the bill, see if the bill is paid, unpaid, or exonerated, and will allow you to pay the bill if it has not already been paid.

Step 4

Once you have located your bill, you can choose to pay it by clicking on "Add to Cart" at the bottom of the bill screen. This will automatically take you to the shopping cart screen.

Step 5

Add additional bills to your cart by clicking on "Search for a Bill" at the bottom of the shopping cart screen after each bill you add and then repeating steps 2-4

Step 6

In order to delete a bill that has been added, you can click on the red minus button next to the bill you wish to delete. The program will ask for confirmation before deleting the selected bill from the cart.

Step 7

Once you have finished adding bills to your cart, you can click on "Finish & Print Cart". Clicking this button will take you to a cart summary page.

Step 8

Click on "View Printable Version" at the bottom of the page. A printable version will appear, and you can print this page. You now have a summary total of the bills you would like to pay.

Step 9

The summary page and required payment can either be mailed in or taken into the sheriff’s office in order to pay for the bills that were added to your cart